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We welcome any comments, questions or feedback you may have on the SEQ Ecosystem Services Framework. Please complete the form below and we will endevour to answer your request.


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Disclaimer: This website has been developed by SEQ Catchments, the Regional Body for South East Queensland. Narratives developed for this website have been contributed by a wide range of stakeholders and interested persons in ecosystem services and the SEQ Ecosystem Services Project. The contents of this website do not necessarily represent the views and policies of SEQ Catchments, nor of other organisations and agencies involved in the development of the Framework and this website.  

The SEQ Ecosystem Services Project Team includes: Simone Maynard (Ecosystem Services Project Manager); Andrew Davidson (Manager Planning and Innovation); David James (Economics Consultant); Shannon Mooney (GIS Manager); Mik Petter (GIS Specialist); Darren McPherson (Government Liason Officer); and Melissa Walker (Planning Project Officer).