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The part of a coast that is washed by waves or tides which cover it with sediments of various sizes and composition such as sand or pebbles (unconsolidated intertidal materials). This ecosystem is usually unvegetated.



Coastal Ecosystems


What ecosystem functions do beaches perform?


Waves and tides cover parts of the coast with unconsolidated intertidal materials.

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Table 1 below presents the relative magnitude beaches perform different ecosystem functions (relative to other ecosystems) in SEQ.

Table 1:The relative magnitude (to other Ecosystem Reporting Categories) beaches perform each ecosystem function.

Ecosystem Function Category Ecosystem Function 0
Regulating Functions
Gas Regulation            
Climate Regulation            
Disturbance Regulation            
Water Regulation            
Soil Retention            
Nutrient Regulation            
Waste Treatment and Assimilation            
Biological Control            
Barrier Effect of Vegetation            
Supporting Functions
Supporting Habitats            
Soil Formation            
Provisioning Functions
Raw Materials            
Water Supply            
Genetic Resources            
Provision of Shade and Shelter            
Pharmacological Resources            
Cultural Functions
Landscape Opportunity            


What types of beaches are in SEQ?


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What is the area and extent of beaches in SEQ


Raw materials are often harvested from beaches removing shelter and food for many animal species.

Four-wheel drives can compound sediments and cause erosion.

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Beaches in SEQ cover approximately 108 km2. The beaches identified in this map are mostly high energy (surf beaches) covering the beaches from Cooloola in the north to Coolangatta in the south. Large stretches of uninterupted beaches occur on the eastern side of Bribie Island, Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island. Other areas identified as beaches in this map include sand banks within Moreton Bay.


What is the vulnerability of beaches and threats to this ecosystem in SEQ?

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How do we manage beaches in SEQ?


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