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Moreton Island

Moreton Island is the second most northerly of the four large sand islands in SEQ. It is the most isolated of sand islands. 



Island Ecosystems


What ecosystem functions does Moreton Island perform?


Moreton Island dune system.

The remoteness of Moreton Island provides unique characteristics not found elsewhere in SEQ (e.g. the largest coastal dunes in the world).


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Table 1 presents the relative magnitude Moreton Island performs different ecosystem functions (relative to other ecosystems) in SEQ.


Table 1:The relative magnitude (to other Ecosystem Reporting Categories) Moreton Island performs each ecosystem function.

Ecosystem Function Category Ecosystem Function 0
Regulating Functions
Gas Regulation            
Climate Regulation            
Disturbance Regulation            
Water Regulation            
Soil Retention            
Nutrient Regulation            
Waste Treatment and Assimilation            
Biological Control            
Barrier Effect of Vegetation            
Supporting Functions
Supporting Habitats            
Soil Formation            
Provisioning Functions
Raw Materials            
Water Supply            
Genetic Resources            
Provision of Shade and Shelter            
Pharmacological Resources            
Cultural Functions
Landscape Opportunity            


What types of ecosystems are on Moreton island?

Moreton Island contains numerous types of ecosystems as shown in this map. Predominantly drier ecosystems are found on Moreton island, for example there are no rainforests. This Ecosystem Reporting Category contains the following Regional Ecosystems: 12.1.3, 12.2.5 (a), 12.2.7 (a, b, c, d), 12.2.15 (a, b, c, d, e), 12.3.8, 12.2.6, 12.2.10, 12.2.14, 12.2.16.


What is the area and extent of Moreton Island in SEQ?


The interconnectedness of rocky shores, beaches, benthic and pelagic ecosystems is evident at Cape Bay.

A lagoon near camping grounds on Moreton Island.

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Moreton Island covers approximately 172 km2, 0.68 % of SEQ. The island extends for 37 km from north to south and is 13 km at its widest point.


What is the vulnerability of Moreton Island and threats to this ecosystem in SEQ?


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How do we manage Moreton Island?


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