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Climate Regulation

The influence of land cover and biological mediated processes that regulate atmospheric processes and weather patterns which in turn create the microclimate in which different plants and animals (including humans) live and function.


Regulating Functions

How does climate regulation contribute to ecosystem service provision?

Topography and landcover ( including vegetation and water) regulate atmospheric processes and local weather patterns.


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Table 1 below presents the relative magnitude climate regulation contributes to different ecosystem services (relative to other ecosystem functions) in SEQ.



What is the temporal and geographic scale climate regulation operates at and services are delivered?


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Climate regulation is produced in a specific location, however it has the potential to provide ecosystem services and benefits to those people in the surrounding area without directional bias (omni-directional flow).


Climate regulation is both produced and services and benefits are derived in the same geographic location (in-situ flow).

The map to the right shows areas where the function climate regulation is expected to occur across SEQ. Data sets supporting the map can be found in the Quick Index. By clicking on the link below the map it will provide a more detailed view.


How do we know if we are degrading, maintaining or improving climate regulation in SEQ?


Weather patterns create the microclimate in which different plants and animals live and function.

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How do we manage this ecosystem function in SEQ?


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