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Iconic Landscapes

Ecosystems provide historically or culturally significant landscapes which form part of the heritage of an area.


Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Service Category

Cultural Services 


What are iconic landscapes and how are they derived?

The Glasshouse Mountains are iconic features of north SEQ.

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Table 1 below presents the relative magnitude different ecosystem functions contribute to this service (relative to other ecosystem functions).



Table 1:The relative magnitude (to other ecosystem functions) each ecosystem function contributes to Iconic Landscapes.

Ecosystem Function Category Ecosystem Function 0
Regulating Functions
Gas Regulation

Climate Regulation

Disturbance Regulation

Water Regulation

Soil Retention

Nutrient Regulation

Waste Treatment and Assimilation


Biological Control

Barrier Effect of Vegetation

Supporting Functions
Supporting Habitats

Soil Formation

Provisioning Functions

Raw Materials

Water Supply

Genetic Resources

Provision of Shade and Shelter

Pharmacological Resources

Cultural Functions
Landscape Opportunity


Are human inputs required to facilitate iconic landscapes?

Cunningham's Gap in the Scenic Rim is well known to most South East Queenslanders.

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Are there any barriers to people receiving this ecosystem service and its benefits?

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This ecosystem service provides many benefits that contribute both directly and indirectly to the well-being of the SEQ community. The Constituents of Well-being this ecosystem service contributes to are presented in Table 2 below. Further information on these constituents and how ecosystem services contribute to them can be obtained by clicking on the links in the table.


Table 2:The relative magnitude (to other ecosystem services) Iconic Landscapes contributes to each constituent of well-being.

Well-being Category Constituent of Well-being 0
Physical Health            
Mental Health            
Secure and Continuous Supply of Services            
Security of Person            
Security of Health            
Secure Access to Services            
Security of Property            
Good Social Relations
Family Cohesion            
Community and Social Cohesion            
Freedom of Choice and Action
Social and Economic Freedom            
Self Actualisation            


How do we know if we are degrading, maintaining or improving iconic landscapes?


The colours of Mt Barney form part of an iconic landscape.

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How is this ecosystem service currently managed in SEQ?

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